How To Deal With Stress


The growing research and concern about stress in Western countries has troubled the public as well as doctors, and they are now looking for new and effective ways to deal with it. Different points of view have emerged in this regard. For example, according to some doctors, regular physical activity, a balanced diet free of fat, and avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, and other stimulants can help reduce or eliminate stress.

But for some doctors, these measures alone are not enough to deal with stress. Rather, they focus on relaxation, meditation, and contemplation as a way to relieve stress. They see patients' self-confidence, rising blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and the body's need for oxygen. Dosage can reduce heart rate.

But some doctors also find it acceptable and say that such procedures only superficially reduce stress. This third group of doctors believes in treatments such as behavior change. This treatment is successful only in the case of personal diagnosis. In this method, the individual has to identify these factors and special cases. Under which he has to change the way he reacts.

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For example, if a person is afraid of standing in long queues and suffers from depression, he will either stop standing in long queues or try to change the attitude by which he finds himself anxious. This anxiety and restlessness can be removed by diverting one's mind from the situation or thinking about other people who are standing in line waiting for their turn or taking another route.

This type of change of focus proved to be very beneficial for people who had always suffered from severe depression and became heart patients. Such people were shown the positive side of every issue and were encouraged to adopt it until they completely changed their attitude.