What Is Hypertension: High Blood Pressure?


The blood circulating in the body through the arteries delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells. The heart, which exerts pressure to push blood into the large arteries, creates a pressure inside them, called blood pressure. The blood needs a certain amount of "pressure" to circulate in the veins, but when this pressure exceeds a certain "limit" it is called hypertension.

Symptoms of mild to moderate hypertension do not appear for years. The first symptom is a pain in the back of the head and in the neck when you wake up in the morning, which quickly disappears. Other symptoms include dizziness, arm, shoulder, leg, and back pain, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, urinary incontinence, nervous tension, fatigue, lethargy, emotional turmoil, fatigue, and insomnia.

The main causes of hypertension are mental and emotional stress and the wrong lifestyle. People with mental strain usually suffer from high blood pressure. If this stretch lasts for a long time, the pressure rises permanently. Even if the tension is reduced or eliminated after that, the pressure does not decrease. Irregular lifestyles, smoking, excessive drug use, tea, coffee, cold drinks, flour products and other artificially produced foods impair the body's natural functions causing high blood pressure.

Here are some useful natural ingredients to control high blood pressure.

Drinking watermelon juice is beneficial. Lemons have special properties to relieve heart weakness. With regular use, it relaxes and softens the blood vessels, and removes their stiffness. Lemons are useful in diseases of hardening of the arteries. The heart stays strong until old age and the risk of heart failure is reduced.

Squeeze lemons in water and drink it several times a day. It is also useful to drink lemon juice mixed with warm water in the morning.

Eating apples are beneficial for high blood pressure. In case of high blood pressure, it is useful to drink six drops of garlic juice mixed with water. It has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, which lowers high blood pressure. It is useful to drink the juice of garlic buds mixed with water. Patients with high blood pressure benefit from the regular application of henna on the soles of the feet and palms.

Exercise is said to be useful in high blood pressure. Walking is a good form of exercise. It relieves tension. Strengthens muscles and is also useful in improving blood circulation.

When walking makes you feel better, start cycling, swimming and jogging. Patients with hypertension should seek regular treatment from a qualified doctor. They should also make sure they get at least eight hours of sleep. Try to avoid stress, tension, anxiety, grief, and anger and be happy.

Note: The article is providing information only. Contact your doctor if you feel unwell.