11 Precautions That Can Protect You From Eye Infections: Using Lenses

Some people use contact lenses to reduce eye weakness and some to change the color of the eyes. Whatever the reason, the eye is the most delicate part of our body. Just think how confusing it is when a piece of clay gets stuck in the eye. And how much can this confusion and discomfort increase when you regularly apply an artificial lens to your eyes? But don't worry because Dr. Thomas L. Steinman of the American University of Ophthalmology says that "contact lenses are extremely safe if worn with care and responsibility."

Here are some precautions you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

1- The idea of cleanliness

Be sure to keep clean when wearing and removing contact lenses. In addition to keeping hands clean, the lenses and the box must be clean.

2- Get help from experts

When wearing lenses for the first time, be sure to seek the help of a physician and be sure to take instructions on how to care for the lenses from where you are taking them.

3- Do not wear lenses overnight

The eyes also need oxygen. If you wear permanent lenses, you will lose oxygen to your eyes. Are doing this can also cause eye infections.

4- Do not use lenses in water

Do not use lenses while bathing or swimming as germs are everywhere in the faucet or pool and can cause infections.

5- Do not reuse used solution

If you reuse a used solution to save money, give up the habit as the solution loses its antiseptic capacity once used.

6- Choose an antimicrobial solution

Some people use salted water to clean contact lenses, but you should remember that there should be a solution that contains antiseptic to clean the lenses.

7- When to change lenses?

According to experts, lenses, like toothbrushes, become dirty and unusable. Therefore, the lenses should be replaced after a maximum of three months.

8- Don't ignore the irritation

Wearing contact lenses often causes eye irritation which is ignored by people which is a very wrong attitude. This could be a sign of an infection. Therefore, it is not enough to just take off the lenses and get checked by a doctor in time.

9- Wetting with saliva

Never use saliva as a lens wetting agent. Saliva contains germs.

10- Color contact lenses

If you have just started using contact lenses, it is best to choose colored lenses as there is a risk of losing the transparent lenses.

11- People who should not use contact lenses

If you work or live in a place where there is debris or dust, you should choose eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. This is because lenses increase the risk of eye infections in dusty places.