Dieting Is Good For Mental Health: Research

A new study has found that a positive diet and a vibrant lifestyle play an important role in improving the mental health of men and women.

According to medical and nutritionists, diet is directly related to the human mind, what is being eaten and what kind of life, whether active or inactive, has a great impact on mental health.

Experts recommend a positive diet and active lifestyle to maintain human physical health and improve organ function, which also increases mental health and protects against diseases such as depression and stress.

Research from the Binghamton University of New York has shown that a balanced diet, which contains all the nutrients and nutrients needed for human health, plays a vital role in human life.

Dieting has positive effects on mental health as well as overall health; such a diet plays the role of medicine for mental health.

According to researchers, scientific research has confirmed that a good diet is a guarantee of better mental health, while unhealthy food also causes mental illness, including the human body.

Researchers say that the direct relationship between diet and mental health has been proven in numerous studies, but it is important to know that the same type of balanced and healthy diet is not ideal for every individual, every this balanced and positive diet can vary for different ages and genders.

According to Health Professor, the physical needs of men and women are different, so diet and routine should be changed. Positive foods are also different for men and women, one diet can't be declared positive for people of all ages and genders. 

Assistant Professor, who is also a certified dietitian, further elaborated on the findings of the research in the report, saying that the nutritional needs of the human body vary from the age of 18 to 29 years, while after 30 years It is very important to change the diet, each of these ages has different nutritional needs.

Over a five-year period, 2,600 people filled out an online form on eating habits, which revealed that depression was more common in people who were consuming more caffeine and fast food in their diets. And mental illness was more prevalent, while those living a caffeinated and balanced positive diet and active lifestyle had less mental confusion and less depression.

According to experts, men who consumed more caffeine before the age of 29 were more likely to be angry, depressed, and anxious than women of the same age, while adults who consumed more sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets are more prone to depression.

According to experts, the research also found that mental health was affected in men only because of caffeine and fast food, while in women, mental health was also affected due to caffeine with a positive diet or a little carelessness in the diet.

Women need a positive diet, good routine as well as exercise to maintain their mental health whereas men do not, women need exercise, positive diet to maintain mental health from adulthood to middle age. And a dynamic routine is needed.