Some Everyday Activities That Can Secretly Destroy Your Skin

Beautiful skin is not related to age but the general theory is that the effects of age first begin to appear on our skin. However, the reality is very different and the responsibility for the deterioration of our skin falls on us. We are unknowingly making some mistakes that are causing our skin to deteriorate. Some of these mistakes we will point out today.

1: Applying shampoo and other hair products on the skin of the face

Various hair products including shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray have the properties of closing facial pores. For this reason, when they come in contact with the skin of the face, it can lead to acne, acne, and other allergies. Therefore, during the use of these products, care should be taken that they do not reach the skin of the face so that the pores of the face cannot be closed due to them.

2: Excessive use of skincare products

Most people are very sensitive to their skin and use a variety of skin protection creams and other products to protect it which can have negative effects on the skin due to excessive use. Instead of using too many products, use only those that are good for the skin.

3: Use non-standard products to remove facial hair

A variety of waxes or creams are usually used to remove unwanted facial hair that closes the pores of the face. Therefore, before buying hair cleaning products, make sure that they do not contain sulfur. Because ingredients that close pores can be very dangerous for the skin.

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4: Sleep on your stomach

When we lie on our stomachs, our face is on the pillow and our pillow contains all kinds of germs - that's why when we lie on our face, it affects the skin of our face. Is. Similarly, for people who are dripping resin while sleeping, or habit can cause a lot of problems and the resin can cause acne on the skin of the face.

5: Traveling to a new area

Whenever we travel to a new area, the weather there is different from our area and our skin is the first to encounter this weather and different climate. Which is directly affected by this climate change - therefore one should try to know the weather before entering any new area and according to this climate for the skin. Be sure to include sunscreen and other items.