4 best exercises at home to help you lose weight, According to experts

In any normal year, it can be very difficult not only to motivate to make a resolution focused on fitness, but also to implement this plan.

Put in an epidemic and rampant gym closures for the better part of 2020 (and now well into 2021), and that goal may seem impossible. How is it possible to plan for a goal like losing weight or gaining more muscle without access to dumbbells, barbells, expensive cardio machines, and the charming indoor cycling instructor that scares and excites you?

Listen: It's okay to grieve over time lost in the gym, but staying home and away from others is still the safest way to stop the spread of COVID-19. So even if your local gym or fitness studio is open, depending on how widespread the virus is in your area, you may not want to get into it right now.

A quick note of importance before diving in: weight loss is complex, and it takes much longer than adding a few more steps or exercises to your routine. The most important factor in your ability to lose weight is to maintain a low calorie intake, which, as you can guess, largely depends on how much food you are eating.

Exercise can work to achieve the goal of weight loss. According to experts, here are some of the best exercises you can do at home.

 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Although exercise alone will not cause you to lose weight, if there is any exercise that can give you a slightly sharper edge than others, it is HIIT. Alternating between short, intense bursts of energy.

 Explaining, the expert explains, "Whenever you do strenuous activity with a short recovery period, your heart rate and temperature increase. As your body tries to recover these two variables over the next few hours. Works for, you are still burning calories.

 Strength training

While experts note that weight training will not burn a ton of calories at this time, it will help increase your muscle mass - which can affect your relaxed metabolic rate, or your How many calories can the body easily burn? And the more calories you burn, the easier it will be to maintain (or possibly lose) weight.

 And although you need weight (or resistance) for a power train, it definitely doesn't have to be in the form of dumbbells. Anything that has mass (including your own body, for bodybuilding exercises) can be used to build muscle.

 Experts say that "muscle fatigue, rather than actual weight gain, determines whether you are getting stronger." "As long as you take whatever exercise you are doing to the point where you are stretching your muscles, you will see an increase in strength."


Dance, whether in the form of ballroom dancing or modern TikTok dances, has the potential to contribute to weight loss. This is because it is a form of aerobic exercise. It can also increase joint mobility and spinal flexibility, a key factor in preventing injury (and making sure you run the living burps and jump squats with confidence) are quite flexible.

 Experts say that "dance has an emotional, invigorating component that cannot be defeated." "But it's a very effective way to burn calories, often without even realising you're doing it." She notes that she often tracks her cardiovascular exercise using her heart rate monitor, and often finds that dancing will produce the most heartbeat.


As anyone who has taken a Vanyasa or Bikram Yoga class will tell you, it is entirely possible for your heart rate to increase during the flow, especially when the room is warm. Experts say that although the direct link between yoga and weight loss is quite complex, it can help you perform other exercises that burn more calories more efficiently.

 "Any kind of strength and stretching is beneficial for weight loss as it will make your body stronger and longer. This makes it possible to handle your cardio and weight sessions more intensely."