Different ways to bring greenery to the house

In today's chaotic and fast-paced times, we have little time to visit a garden or walk in a lush green park and take long breaths and take down the fresh air. 

Moreover, most of us do not have enough space at home where we can pursue our passion for gardening. Today, we are going to share with you some ideas that can make even small spaces in apartments or houses useful for gardens and you can take full advantage of these untouched-style gardens.

Vertical garden

Vertical gardening can be the best choice if there is less space in the house. If you don't need a large garden, only one type of plant will work and you won't have to make much effort to take care of them. Like roses can be planted in small gums with wooden benches in any corner. 

It is important to understand the size of any plant before choosing it. Different plants can be used to decorate the wall and a wooden bench and a few decorative items can also be placed along the wall. Plant vines can be raised with the help of long green edible beans and long sticks, with proper care they will continue to flourish.

The gummed in the balcony

If the apartment is facing a lack of space then a part of its balcony can be dedicated to herbs and plants. Plants planted in gumma are very unique in style so they look more attractive in natural light. Your balcony will look green on one side of the pile of these pots and on the other hand your passion for gardening will also be fulfilled. Not only that, but a green decorated wall can also play an important role in making this short space look unique.

Garden in the corner

Using simple and beautiful things also has its own unique style, so different plants can be planted in trays. If any corner of the house is empty, a large tray available in the market can be placed in this place or a corner can be emptied for this purpose. This tray can be decorated with floor and wooden deck and a wooden bench or any cushion can also be placed along. Even if you paint a nice color on this tray, it will look more elegant.

Hanging gums

Small pots can also be hung on the roof. Try to plant plants in these pots that have as many fragrant and colorful flowers as possible so that you enjoy seeing them yourself and also get a beautiful impression from outside. The gums look even more beautiful when painted with different colors.

Plants in the corridor

Herbal Welcome is a unique idea to welcome you or guests. The use of plants like mint, rosemary is best for the interior and corridor of the house. The selection of such plants in these places will help your home to make it green and big.

Mini plant

The mini-plant is a decorative bull that can be easily grown in both water and soil. The highlight of this is that it does not bear any fruit or flower. But if it grows in the forest, it is flowered after a long time and it is very rare.