Magnesium foods can protect us from cancer

Adequate amounts of magnesium in the diet strengthen our body's natural defense system but now new research has shown that its presence also helps us fight cancer.

Let's say magnesium is one of our main nutrients which is abundant in foods like almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, lobes, wheat, milk, yogurt, and spinach. Experts say that the amount of magnesium in women's daily diet should be 310 to 320 mg while in men's daily diet it should be 400 to 420 mg.

The new research has been conducted at the University of Basel, details of which have been published in the research journal. This research shows that T-cells belonging to the amenity system require a reasonable amount of magnesium to function properly. T-cells are of special importance in finding and destroying cancer cells, among other functions.

Experiments on mice in the past showed that mice whose diets were kept low in magnesium weakened their physical defense system and were more affected by flu than other mice.

Now, the team of Professor Kristof Hess of Basel University, in collaboration with Cambridge University, has discovered that the body's main cells, 'T-cells', eliminate distorted defeat cells, but they do it better only if there is a rich amount of magnesium throughout the system.

Above all, it was found that there is an important protein 'LFA-1' at the Level of T-Cell which can work well only in the presence of magnesium.

Thus, due to magnesium, T-cells, and LFA-1 are well connected and active. This will not happen if there is no magnesium and thus T-cells may fail to eliminate suspected cancerous cells. This failure can lead to failure to stop the spread of cancer in the long run.

This discovery will go a long time in treating cancer and making Immunotherapy effective. In Immunotherapy, we enable the body's defense system to automatically fight cancer.

The discovery is expected to pave the way for effective Immunotherapy by using magnesium.