Worst Foods for High Blood Pressure

Here are discussed some foods which are worst for high blood pressure.

Restaurant food

Shrimp fried rice in your favorite place may be amazing, but it is full of sodium. Research shows that most of the sodium in the American diet comes from restaurants and packaged foods. Find low-sodium menu options or ask the chef to prepare your meal without salt. Try other flavors instead, such as lemon juice on fish and vegetables. Most adults should not eat more than 2,200 milligrams of sodium a day. This is a teaspoon.

Salty snacks

Most chips, crackers, and popcorn are high in sodium. For example, 1 ounce serving of plain potato chips contains about 60-220 mg. Try low or no sodium nuts, seeds, chips or pretzels. Or try fresh carrot or celery sticks for a satisfying crunch.


It doesn't taste salty, but it does have a lot of flavor. A piece of white bread is between 80 and 230 mg. The next time you make a sandwich, go for whole grain bread, English muffins or tortillas to reduce sodium. You can also eat your sandwich "open mouth" with just one slice.


It's delicious on a cold day, but it's often high in sodium. One cup (8 ounces) of tomato soup can contain 700 to 1,260 mg. Buy the low-sodium version of your favorite instead. Or make your own flavor with herbs and spices.

Tomato juice and sauce.

One cup of canned tomato juice packs three-quarters of 660 milligrams of sodium. Find a low sodium version.

Processed meat

Lunch meats typically contain about 750 milligrams or more of sodium per serving. These are about six thin slices. Other processed meats are also high in sodium, including hot dogs, cornmeal, bacon and sausage. Also include salted meat, ham hawks and sparebus. Stick with fish, chicken, and lean meat.


Whether it's frozen or from your favorite delivery point, it's high in sodium. Frozen cheese pizza contains 370 to 730 mg in 4 ounce slices. And a 4-ounce piece from a restaurant is even more so, at 510-760 milligrams. To cut back, order a small pizza and dig up the stuffed crust. Choose thin crusts and vegetables for more health benefits.


Some types are more likely to raise your blood pressure than others. Put it down with things that are naturally low in sodium, such as Swiss, which contains 75 mg per 1-ounce serving. Goat, ricotta, and fresh mozzarella are also good. Processed and hard cheeses such as American and cottage cheese are high in sodium. Half a cup of regular cottage cheese contains 455 mg.

Beer, wine, and alcohol

When you drink too much alcohol, your chances of developing high blood pressure increase. Men should not drink more than two drinks a day. Women put it on one. A drink looks like 12 ounces of beer, 4 ounces of wine, 1½ ounce 80 proof spirit, or 1 ounce 100 proof spirit. Red wine has been linked to heart health, but you should still limit your intake.