10 Ways to Be Happy

10 Ways to Be Happy

Want to lift your spirits? Lift up the corners of your mouth. When you smile as you mean, you can change your brain chemistry and feel happy.

1. Volunteers

Find ways to join your community or help a friend in need. You will help yourself. It can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

2. Make new friends

It's nice to spend time with people who take care of you. So be open to new relationships, whether it's someone you meet in an office, gym, or park. But also make sure to maintain these lifelong connections. The more connected you are, the happier you will be, the study shows.

3. Forgive and forget

Do you have any grudges? Let him go. Forgiveness frees you from negative thoughts and makes more room for inner peace in your life. And it brings you happiness.

4. Practice mindfulness

Meditate for an hour a week. It will give you a dose of happiness, peace, and satisfaction. It will also create new paths in your brain to make it easier for you to feel happy.

5. Get the sleep you need

Most adults need 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night to be in a good mood. You are more likely to be happy when you close your eyes enough.

6. Remember your "why"

When you realize the goal -- why you work, exercise, or do something good for someone else -- it gives meaning to your life. In the rush of a busy day, it's easy to lose sight of it. So take a moment to bring it to mind. Happiness is about more than momentary happiness. It is also in the satisfaction of pursuing your goals.

7. Challenge your inner critic

You know the inner voice that likes to point out everything that's not so good? Try to see when it controls your mood. Sometimes it has a good point and it's telling you about something that needs your attention. But the second time, it's wrong, or it makes things seem worse than them. Ask yourself, "Is this true?"

8. Deal with your objectives

Ask yourself if they are realistic and are now within your reach -- or at least, things you can start working towards. Then learn specifically about what the goal is -- not "exercising more" but "walking 30 minutes a day, three times this week" or "I'll eat salad twice this week in lunch. Write it down, and reward yourself for every step taken towards this goal!

9. Find positive people

"Emotions are infectious," as the saying goes. So you want people in your life who are confident, courageous, and healthy. You'll probably know it rubs on you, making you feel better. And then you can move it too.

10. Ask a professional

If you feel much less happy than ever after trying the points in this article, it's time to call an expert. Book a session with an adviser to talk about how you feel. If depression is the reason you are below, there are treatments. Even if you're not depressed, you can learn some helpful things about yourself and your challenges -- and you can feel better than you think.

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